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Welcome to Natalia'sRenaissance.com (a.k.a. NutAboutArt.com). Art by Natalia Charapova - a Russian by birth, an architect by training, an artist by nature ...

Bio: painting has been my passion since early age. The Art is the very air I breathe, the purpose that guides every day of my life ...
In my teen years I attended the Art School in Obninsk, Russia, studying all sorts of art with the well-known Russian artist Alexander Gromatskis. After graduating from High School I attended Moscow School of Architecture (Moskovskii Arhitekturnii Institut).
Natalia Charapova
During my years at school I extensively studied the History of Art, as well as the art of oil, acrylic, watercolor, and sculptures. I participated in many art exhibitions.

I immigrated to Canada in 1991 and worked as an architect with a number of companies in Canada and USA. In 2001 I turned to Art as a full time occupation. Up to that point the art was my favorite pastime. In March of 2001 I moved to Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada. Moving to Newfoundland opened a door to a new "me" - my Renaissance was about to take place. However, at that time I had a genuine fear that I might be lost in that very small and unfamiliar to me world ... Natural beauty of Western Newfoundland captivated me. Astonishing changes of Newfoundland from season to season charmed me: from extraordinary fearsome winter landscape to the rich and tranquil green oasis in summer. This magical island in North Atlantic awakened my passion for the art and transformed turned my solitude into something new - my Renaissance was about to take place ...

I dedicated myself full time to the artwork with awe-inspiring passion and thoroughness. Soon my work started to appear at the Franklyn Gallery in Corner Brook, NFLD, Canada, and soon after - Spurrell Gallery in St.John's, NFLD, Canada. Experimenting with painting dye on silk opened an exciting and unknown avenue in my art. Inspired by uniquely enchanting images of Newfoundland, I would choose medium, color, and a manner of expression that would seem slightly out of my control creating something wonderful and unexpected.

I do not think that my initial success as an artist is a mere happy accident. I create art based on intuition and my understanding of art. I learn from the great masters of the craft. In summer 2002 I took oil painting classes with well-known French artist J-C Roy in France. I came back for more inspirational teaching the next year. Oil on canvas became my new discovery. Expressing myself thought oil helped me to discover magical vistas of rural France.
One of my twin sons Anton, grandchildren Alesha, Nadia, and me in Newfoundland
My grandchildren, one of my twins Anton, and me (Newfoundland)

My work with oils (both "technique" and "content/images"), did not come about through any self-conscious process or rational analysis. It occurred naturally and openly through the work itself. I am guided by work itself - through layers of brilliant colors incorporated with a blend of a simple story, nature scene, and abstractions. I try giving my paintings an air of magic and mystery.

Traveling is the endless source of inspiration. I create art based on what I experienced in many places around the world - Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Russia, USA, Italy, Canada ... I am always on the lookout for an image or a view ... a riveting beauty of the almighty sky over the lake ... a house dwelling with interiors filled with strewn belongings ... the movements of fishing boats on the water ... the edges of cliffs ... the constant interaction of the elements ... the roar of the ocean ... the tranquility of the tiny villages ...

In July 2003 I moved to Chicago, Illinois. I continue my painting, delving into new artistic realms, but keeping in close touch with Newfoundland and Canada - a place where I was re-born as an artist. My works can be found in the collections of the Government of Newfoundland, corporate and private collections in Canada, the UK and USA. Look for the listing of my art at the galleries

If you have a comment, please let me know.

Contact information: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Dye on Silk
Natalia Charapova
Phone (USA):(847) 498-0122,
E-mail: ncharapova [at] yahoo.com

Enjoy and Have a great day!

... listen to the wind of color ...
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